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Using yProxy yEnc Decoder with multiple news servers

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

A lot of people, me included, have at least two highspeed news servers that we can connect to. For example, I subscribe to the premium news service Easynews, and my ISP provides a free news server for me to connect to.

Some people have wondered how to setup yProxy to connect to multiple news servers, needing a yEnc Decoder for more than one server. The idea is that if some of the messages are incomplete on one server, they can switch to the other. In addition, perhaps one server is faster or the user has a higher bandwidth limit.

Connecting to multiple news servers, one at a time

So, if you only want to connect to one server at a time, it’s easy.

  1. Stop yProxy (by pressing yProxy’s Stop button)
  2. Change the NNTP (News) Server Name in yProxy to the other server that you want to connect to.
  3. Start yProxy again by pressing yProxy’s Start button.

You don’t have to change anything in your newsreader, since it’s connected to yProxy. You’re just pointing yProxy to another server. yProxy even remembers your last ten news servers in a drop down selection, so it’s easy to swtich servers in yProxy.

This is the most common scenerio for using multiple news servers with yProxy, and this is the configuration that I recommend. There are some caveats though:

You should only download the message headers from one of the news servers. If you need to get headers from multiple servers, you should reset the headers and get all of them, otherwise you may miss some headers. Each server tracks the messages that you’ve already downloaded using its own index.

However, some people want to connect to multiple news servers at the same time, and need a yEnc Decoder for each server. This implies that your news client supports multiple servers.

This requires a bit more work. You will run an instance of yProxy for each news server, and each instance of yProxy will listen on a different port.

For example, I might have one instance of yProxy connecting to Easynews, listening on port 119, and another instance of yProxy connecting to Giganews, listening on port 120. This allows to connect to both news servers at the same time, through yProxy.

Connecting to multiple news servers, at the same time

  1. Setup yProxy to connect to the first server normally, and click yProxy’s Start button.
  2. Start another instance of yProxy by clicking on the shortcut from your Windows Start menu.
  3. Setup yProxy to connect to your second server, changing the yProxy Port Number to a different number than the first instance. It’s okay to increment, so if you are already using 119, use 120, then 121, etc.
  4. Setup your news client to connect to for the host name, and the port numbers that you have specified earlier.

The yProxy yEnc Decoder allows you to connect to multiple news servers in the way that best suits your needs. The simple method is the most common.