How not to host a blog or personal site

I was doing some research on some old forums/newsgroups, and I found a link to this site, which was supposed to have some good Delphi examples. I followed the link, and not only did none of the links work, but it was loaded with Google ad spam.

Ad Noise

It seems that the author of the site was so intent on cashing in that they forgot to make sure that the site actually works. None of the links work, but the site is overloaded with Google ad spam.

People, are the few dollars that you might make with Google ads really worth putting your readers through the trouble? I will never visit this site again, and I have added it to my web browser’s block list so I don’t accidentally go there again.

If you overload a site with spam, which makes it difficult for the user to navigate the page and find what they are looking for, guess what? They’ll stop looking.

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