Types of yEnc Decoders

There are three types of yEnc Decoder.  There is the manual yEnc Decoder, automatic yEnc Decoder, and the native yEnc Decoder.

Native yEnc Decoder

The native yEnc Decoder is the one that is built into your software.  If your newsreader has yEnc Decoder support, this means that your application provides native yEnc Decoder support.

The Forte Agent newsreader is a native yEnc Decoder.

Manual yEnc Decoder

If your newsreader does not offer yEnc Decoder support natively, like Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Opera, you will need third party software that provides yEnc Decoder functionality. A manual yEnc Decoder allows you to copy and paste, or save your news messages as text, and convert the yEnc messages into binaries.  This is a manual process.  yEnc32 is a manual yEnc Decoder.

Automatic yEnc Decoder

An automatic yEnc Decoder is also a third party software that you use when your newsreader does not have a yEnc Decoder feature. There are many types of automatic yEnc Decoders.  There are application specific plugin, and there are generic plugins like yProxy Pro that works with any newsreader.

An automatic yEnc Decoder such as yProxy Pro only has to be setup or configured once, then it automatically decodes yEnc attachments for your newsreader.


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