yProxy Pro is a yEnc Decoder plugin that works with any newsreader!
The only official yEnc plugin for Windows! The easiest way to yEnc Decode!

Adds yEnc support

Works on any newsreader

Speeds up downloads

yProxy sits between your favorite newsreader and your news service provider, converting yEnc files to the standard UUE format in real-time.

yProxy also allows your newsreader to connect to SSL secure news servers, decrypting traffic for your newsreader in real-time

Ask your news service provider if they offer secure connections and start protecting your privacy today!

Sample screenshot :
screen shot
If your news service provider doesn't offer a secure connection, try Easynews.

NEW! Updated for Windows Vista!
Adds yEnc support to any newsreader!
Continue to use your favorite news reader for binary downloads!
Tested with Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Netscape Mail
NEW! Includes wizard for configuring Outlook Express and Windows Mail!
Speed up your binary downloads!
Graphical progress bar for each file being downloaded
NEW! Adds SSL support to any newsreader!
The only yEnc Proxy that supports connecting to SSL secured news servers! Protect your privacy!
The only yEnc compliant yEnc Proxy!
Fully integrated CRC and size error checking (yEnc v1.3 compliant!)
Supports up to 20 user connections!
Set thread priority mode (You can now do other things while you download like watch movies or play games!)
yProxy icon shows current status (Know at a glance what yProxy is doing!)
Run it on your computer, or share a proxy with others
Can connect to and provide proxy service on any TCP port
Turn decoding on and off
Stay informed about new software and films released by the Brawny Lads with the Message of the Day feature
Turn off Message of the Day (For those who don't like interruptions!)
Supports Windows XP and Vista Themes

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
4 MB free disk space
Internet connection (yProxy must connect to the Internet and must also act as a server)

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